About Homeshake

What is Homeshake?
How is Homeshake different from the traditional model?
How is Homeshake different from for sale by owner (FSBO)?
How do buyers benefit from buying a home on Homeshake?
Is Homeshake a real estate broker?
What is a dual agent?
Where is Homeshake available?
Can I put my home on Zillow and Homeshake?
What if I already have an agent?
How does Homeshake make money?
I’m a seller. What am I paying for?
What is an owner’s title insurance policy and why do sellers pay for it?
I’m a buyer. What am I paying for?
When am I charged?
How can I contact Homeshake?

Getting Started

How do I update the information on my home profile?
How do I get my free comp report?
Why should buyers sign up for Homeshake?
What are the pricing options for my home?
When would a seller remain totally negotiable?
What is “Ready to sell”?
What is “Coming Soon”?
What is “Not for sale”?
Can I change my status to For Sale, Coming Soon, or Off Market?
When should I open my mailbox?
When should I enable tours?
How does Homeshake get information about homes?
How do I get professional photos, video, and floor plans of my home?

Messages & Tours

How can I message a homeowner?
When should I activate tours?
What is a Hosted Tour?
What is an Unhosted Tour?
How far in advance can buyers schedule tours?
How do I accept, deny, or propose a new tour time?
Why aren’t Homeshake representatives present during tours?
What information can I request from a buyer who requests a tour of my home?
Why is a credit card required to take a tour?
What is the Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships and why am I receiving it?
Can I contact the homeowner of an inactive home profile?

Offers, Negotiations, Contracts & Closing

How can I determine the value of a home?
What is a comp report and how do I use it?
How do I make or receive an offer?
What is a Letter a Intent (LOI)?
What are the five key points?
What if I need help during the negotiation?
How do I view, accept, reject, or counter an offer?
What happens when I accept an offer?
What happens when I counter an offer?
Can I counter specific terms of the offer?
What happens when I reject an offer?
Why no financing contingency?
Can Homeshake help me find a lender?
Can Homeshake help me through financing, appraisal, and inspection?
Are closing services included in the one-time fee?
Do I need to find title and closing services?
Can Homeshake close off-market deals?