About Homeshake

Homeshake is a real estate company that is transforming the way people buy and sell homes. A liberation from the old way of doing things, we replace the traditional model of agents and high commissions with a simple and hassle-free experience that brings people together in the pre-market to reach a common goal.

Traditional real estate brokerages require a 6-month listing contract and charge 6% of the sale price, meaning they take a big chunk of homeowners’ hard-earned equity. Despite the hefty price tag, many customers are left feeling disappointed and frustrated. So, many buyers and sellers seek out pre-market deals to avoid the 6% variable cost. Homeshake embraces this pre-market activity and is “The Market Before the Market”.

Homeshake is with you from start to finish. We’ve already built the meat and potatoes of your home preview and, in just a few clicks, you can be on “The Market Before the Market”. Use our tools and tech every step of the way, from listing to closing, without any additional charge. The best part? You only pay when the deal closes.

When you eliminate the 6% commission, everybody wins. It costs sellers less to transact, making pricing a home more flexible. Buyers may pay a lower price because sellers can accept less but still keep more than they would using an agent. The result? You get your dream home AND a better deal. You win and your seller wins.

Plus, you’ll always know what’s around the corner. Once you find your home, there’s no need to find legal support or closing services. Our team of attorneys and real estate professionals is with you every step of the way.

Homeshake has more homes to search. The homes listed on Homeshake can’t be found on the MLS, making our exclusive inventory a must-see for any home buyer. Your search isn’t complete without visiting Homeshake.

Yes. As required by law to provide these services, Homeshake is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Ohio. Our team also includes attorneys and other real estate professionals.

A dual agent maintains a neutral position between buyer and seller, and may not advocate the position of one party over the other or disclose any personal or confidential information without consent. Homeshake is exclusively a dual agent, providing professional service and support to both buyer and seller throughout the process. In other words, we’re all on the same team.

Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas of Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, and Warren Counties. We are expanding to other cities and states in the near future.

Buyers: There are no agents on Homeshake, so your agent will have to sit this one out. Our team of real estate attorneys and professionals will provide all of the guidance and support you need. If you have signed an exclusive agency agreement with another brokerage, that exclusive relationship must end prior to engaging with a seller on Homeshake.

Sellers: If your home is listed for sale with another brokerage, your listing contract must expire or cancel prior to listing your home on Homeshake.

Homeshake charges a 1% fee to the seller, which isn’t paid until closing. The minimum fee is $3,000. You may be offered title and closing services from an affiliate of Homeshake, but we’ll let you know when and how much you can expect to pay for these services.

Homeshake Fee

Marketing your home, finding a buyer, tech development, professional customer service, running a business, and some profit!

Transfer Tax

A county tax for the transfer of ownership of real estate.

Deed Preparation

A fee charged for the preparation of the deed to the home that you are selling.

Courier Fee

A fee charged to ensure the prompt recording of closing documents.

Title Commitment Fee

A fee charged for the preparation of the title company’s promise to issue a title insurance policy upon closing.

There may be other costs you will need to pay at closing, but these will depend on your unique circumstances, like whether your mortgage is getting paid off. These costs are not native to Homeshake and will always be paid to third parties.

Only the typical costs associated with buying a home and nothing more!

Closing Fee

A fee charged by the closing agent to cover closing services, customer service, and general business expenses.

Title Exam

A fee paid to the title examiner to review and report on all public records affecting title.

Title Commitment Fee

A fee charged for the preparation of the title company’s promise to issue a title insurance policy upon closing.

Recording Fees

Fees charged by the county to record a deed, making your purchase of the home a matter of public record.

There may be other costs you will need to pay at closing, but these will depend on your unique circumstances, like whether you are getting a loan. These costs are not native to Homeshake and will always be paid to third parties.

Homeshake customers are only charged when the deal is closed. Our success is your success!

You can contact Homeshake by emailing us at hello@homeshake.com or by calling 513-453-6144!

Getting Started

Homeshake gives you control over your home buying or selling experience with a personalized Dashboard. From your Dashboard, you can send and receive messages, tour requests, and offers, manage your home’s preview, and keep track of homes you like.

After an offer is accepted, you will have access to Homeshake’s transaction software from your Dashboard. From here, you can complete and sign documents, keep track of key dates and next steps, and stay informed about the status of your deal. We keep you organized and in the loop so you can close confidently and enjoy what is a very exciting time!

First, we need to know who you are and that you own the home! By selecting “I own this home!” and creating an account, you get control over your home’s preview.

Then, from your Dashboard, you can begin editing the information on your home preview right away. Update basic information like bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, add photos and videos, and tell your home’s story!

As soon as you set a price, upload an exterior photo, and tell us a little about your home, you will have the option to publish your home preview for all buyers to see.

Your comp report will be available shortly after you link your account to your home, no matter if you’re selling now or a year from now! We’ll send you an email when the report is ready and make it available on your home preview.

Only 1% of homes are listed on the MLS at any given time. Chances are your dream home exists in the other 99%. Homes on Homeshake aren’t available anywhere else. Get early access to these exclusive homes before they hit the market and costs go up.

You can choose your list price. Use your comp report to see sales prices of similar homes that recently sold in your neighborhood. If you’re a patient seller, be confident. If you’re on a timeframe, pay attention to the comp report. Ultimately, you control your home selling experience. We can help you strategize.

Yes! From your Dashboard, you can update your home preview or change your status anytime, no strings attached.

The basic data on Homeshake’s home previews are pulled from various online, public databases.

If you see incorrect information on your home preview, you can edit it from your Dashboard or contact us at hello@homeshake.com and we’ll happily correct it!

After you claim your home preview, we will be in touch to schedule your complimentary professional photoshoot. We provide beautiful HD photos at no cost or obligation to you.

If you’re interested in state of the art, interactive 3D virtual tours, videography, drone footage, or floor plans, contact us at hello@homeshake.com and we’ll craft a package for you with one of our visual media partners.

Messages & Tours

In the pre-market, privacy is important for many sellers. You’ll still be able to see the home’s approximate location within a small radius directly on a home’s preview. To obtain the exact address, simply message the homeowner and express interest. When the homeowner responds, you’ll be able to see the home’s address on the home preview.

To message a homeowner directly, simply go to the home’s preview, enter a customized message, and click Send Message. Messages appear in your Dashboard. The homeowner will receive your message in their Dashboard and can respond to you directly on Homeshake. Each time a user receives a message on Homeshake, they will be notified via email.

Homeshake tours are led by the seller. No one knows more about the house than the homeowner, so take advantage of your time together. Ask questions and remember, you’re working towards a common goal!

To request a tour, simply go to the home’s preview, select a date and time that work for you, and click Request Tour. Tour requests appear in your Dashboard. The homeowner will be notified of your tour request and can respond from their Dashboard. If something changes after a tour is scheduled, you can reschedule or cancel the tour directly from your Dashboard.

We know that no one can sell a home and answer questions about the home better than the homeowner. Sellers and buyers have all of the tools they need to request, schedule, and host a tour. Homeshake recommends that the seller and buyer message each other prior to a tour to connect and make introductions. When sellers and buyers meet one another and form a relationship, the home buying and selling process becomes easier to navigate.

You will know the buyer’s name, email address, and telephone number. You can also require buyers to send you a photo ID and prequalification letter, so you know who to expect and that they’re qualified to buy your home.

The Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships is just that: a guide. As a new customer, it is important to understand Homeshake’s role in your journey to a new home. Homeshake acts as a dual agent for all buyers and sellers. This means that Homeshake will maintain a neutral position between the parties and will provide the support each party needs along the way.

The guide contains a formal explanation of dual agency. By acknowledging the document, you are not obligated to work with Homeshake. However, Ohio law requires that we present the document to you for acknowledgment.

If you would like to contact a homeowner who is inactive on Homeshake, we can help. Contact us at hello@homeshake.com and include a line or two about your interest in their home! We’ll send a note and let you know what we hear back!

Offers, Negotiations, Contracts & Closing

Homeshake provides a comp report that is viewable on a home’s preview. Many customers discuss the deal during tours and reach an agreement on price based on each party’s needs.

A comp report is shorthand for a comparable sales report — a collection of sale prices and physical characteristics (age, beds, baths, square footage) of recently sold, similar homes in the area. Homeshake’s comp report also includes current market value estimates for the home you are viewing.

Sellers can use comp reports to estimate the price they are willing to accept for their home, while buyers can do the same for what they are willing to pay for a home.

To make an offer, a buyer should click Make an Offer on a home’s preview and then select Get Started. Buyers will be prompted to complete five fields, the key terms of the deal. These fields create a Letter of Intent (LOI), which is then sent to the seller as an offer, viewable in the seller’s Dashboard.

A letter of intent is a non-binding agreement that outlines the key terms of the deal. An LOI is often used in negotiations to align the parties on key terms. Once aligned, Homeshake creates a contract that includes those key terms, along with standard, but important, legal terms.

Customers can accept, counter, or reject an offer and enter into a contract, all through the customer’s Dashboard.

The five key terms are (1) purchase price, (2) whether the purchase price will be financed by a lender or paid in cash, (3) the inspection period, (4) any personal property that will remain with the home, and (5) the closing date.

Homeshake is here to help. As a dual agent, we maintain a neutral position between the seller and buyer. Although we cannot specifically advocate on the behalf of either party, we are always available to assist and offer guidance on what is customary and how the process works.

Yes. When countering an offer, you will be prompted to review each of the five terms again. If you would only like to counter specific terms, simply change the terms you would like to counter. Then click Send my Offer and be on the lookout for a response!

After an offer is accepted, you will have access to Homeshake’s transaction software from your Dashboard. From here, you will track and manage your deal. One of the first steps you’ll take is to sign your contract. The five key terms from the LOI will have been incorporated into this customized and attorney-reviewed document. You’ll return to your Dashboard nearly every step of the way – from depositing earnest money if you’re the buyer, to negotiating inspections, to reviewing closing documents, your Dashboard will be your one-stop-shop for staying organized and in the loop.

Both parties will be notified when you reject an offer. If the offer was a non-starter - keep communicating! Let them know why you rejected the offer and they might be able to adjust their terms.

The team of attorneys at Homeshake have created fair and comprehensive documents for Homeshake buyers and sellers to use. They include a contract and other legal documents you may need during a transaction. Preview the contract here. Through your Dashboard, you’ll be able to review and sign these documents at appropriate times throughout your deal. If you ever have any questions about these legal documents – a real estate attorney at Homeshake is available to help.

Homeshake encourages buyers to carefully plan and arrange their financing before making an offer. All offers must include a prequalification letter or proof of funds.

Homeshake’s contract automatically sets earnest money at the industry standard of one percent of the sale price. After a contract is signed, the buyer will use our secure and convenient electronic funds transfer tool to deposit the earnest money with Homeshake. We hold the funds in escrow until closing when they are applied to the purchase price of the home. If the buyer decides not to purchase the home within the inspection period, the earnest money will be returned to the buyer. If the buyer breaches the contract, the seller will be entitled to keep the earnest money.

Yes! We are happy to help you find trusted lenders, appraisers, and inspectors and will provide professional service and support to guide you through these processes.

No need! Once the contract is signed, Homeshake coordinates title and closing services to get you across the finish line.

Yes! Whether you found each other off-market, for sale by owner, or just plain good luck, Homeshake can help you close the deal.